Our speciality lies in reviewing and aligning your company’s BEE strategies to maximise BEE scores.

South Africa’s BEE landscape has changed significantly in the last year with stricter codes, which necessitates current BEE preparation processes to be revisited.

For the businesses to benefit optimally from BEE compliance, their BEE strategy and BEE plans need to be aligned with the Skills Development and Employment Equity plans.

It is also important for stakeholders throughout the business to be educated on BEE, understand their required participation and be informed about the benefits of a good BEE score, as well as the impact of proper BEE management on the company, staff, the community and the South African Economy.

The most ideal situation for any South African company is to have the BEE preparation process folded into normal day-to-day business processes where applicable, and have continuous monitoring, updating and reporting.

About eJunxion

We identify business challenges related to compliance quickly and design strategies to address them, whilst satisfying the need for minimal business disruption.

Operating since 2000, as a business we specialise in the following:

  • BEE Consulting advisory and training
  • BEE Strategising and Verification preparation
  • We stay up to date with compliance requirements and the SETA (Sector Education Training Authorites) landscape in South Africa. We act as the interface between SETA's and our clients.
  • Skills Development - grant management, Annual Training Reports and Workplace Skills Plan submissions to enable companies to claim their Mandatory and Discretionary grants. Learnership management.
  • Employment Equity (EE) - demographic analysis, analysis against EAP (economically active people) statistics, compilation of EE plans in conjunction with EE / Training committees, EE report submissions.
  • Our clients span the following sectors - Business Services, Communications, Insurance, Manufacturing, Wholesale & Retail, Transport, Security, Clothing & Textiles, Education, Construction, Hospitality, Food and Beverage

Our approach

  • A pre-assessment for each company that at least three months before the expiry of the current BEE certificate;
  • A customized solution to address short- and long-term barriers to achieving the highest possible score;
  • An implementation plan that takes into account the challenges of organizational change and sets benchmarks for success;
  • Implementation project management and implementation support; and
  • Ongoing oversight, analysis, reporting and review to ensure that milestones are met and tactics are modified to reflect the evolving needs of your organisation.